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  • $104.45

    Support capacitive touch screen, support multi-touch.

    Built-in Bluetooth 4.0 Module , BT Call, BT music, can download phonebook.

    Built-in WiFi module, support WiFi hotspot.

    Support Multi-format audio and video decoding, support 1080P full-format

    Support rear view camera input.

    Supports Internet APP download, install, uninstall.

    1 Way Video Output / 2 Way Audio Output / 2 Way Video Output / 2 Way Audio Input / 1 Way Subwoofer Output.

    Support multiple language, such as French, Danish, Spanish.

  • $55.90

    Keep yourself protected from fraudulent lawsuits on the road with one of the most advanced car DVRs ever: The Dual Camera Car Blackbox DVR with GPS Logger and G-Sensor.

    The road is full of hidden dangers and bad drivers, that’s why you need to keep a car blackbox DVR in place for those stingy insurance companies. Constantly on alert, this Car DVR is installed directly on the windshield and powers on automatically when the engine is on. Dual cameras record everything on the road as well as inside the car, so the next time a bad driver bumps into you and claims it was your fault, get their contact into and tell them not a chance with this car blackbox DVR.

    This Car Blackbox DVR is also immensely useful if you get in an accident and need to clarify immediately what has just happened to the officer. A built-in battery is included for you to detach the car DVR from your windshield and playback its video directly on the 2.7 inch LCD screen, Not only is this very useful to get indemnified instantly for small cases, but it’ll save you (and your passengers) a potential headache.

    Compared to normal car DVRs, this new model introduces great new features such as; a GPS logger letting you open up Google Maps and you can instantly see your vehicle’s driving track, speed, time, and date which insurance companies love love to have; a G-Sensor, also known as the gravity sensor, allowing this car DVR to detect and record any sudden motion or speed changes in X, Y and Z axis meaning as soon as any sharp braking, rapid acceleration, excessive cornering or sudden impact occurs, you can be sure this car DVR remembers. Need to prove that someone else bumped into YOU and not the other way around? Then this car DVR is here to save the day.

    Keep yourself protected from fraudulent lawsuits on the road with one of the most advanced car DVRs ever. Brought to you at a great price by the online leader in China wholesale electronics – Chinavasion.

    At a Glance…

    • Car Blackbox DVR
    • Dual Cameras (both 0.3MP)
    • GPS Logger and G-Sensor
    • 2.7 Inch LCD Screen
    • Built-in Battery
    • Protect yourself from fraudulent lawsuits on the road

  • $57.96

    Key Features…

    • Easy to use parking camera for cars and trucks
    • Comes with a crisp 5-inch display
    • IP68 camera can be used in all weather conditions
    • 1/4′ color sensor treats you to crisp footage at all times

    Rear View Parking Camera

    This compact rear view parking camera makes it easy for you to track everything that happens behind your car. The camera itself is small in size and can be easily installed in any type of vehicle. This advanced wireless backup camera. What really drives this car against other cameras is that auto parts produce their own WiFi hot spots, which feature a 100 foot range. Thanks to this, you can use it anytime and anywhere. The device is very easy to use and completely wireless. Because of this, you no longer need to handle complex wiring processes when installing your reverse parking camera.

    Its IP68 waterproof design, this rear view camera can be used in any weather condition. Whether it’s rainy or snowy or dusty, this parking lot will work. It has equipped with 1/4 ‘color sensor’ to allow you to clear visual effects at any time. Thanks to its 170 degree of view, you can rest assured that this parking camera can’t see anything. With this little auto accessory around you, you will greatly improve your safety and others driving your car.

    The rear view parking camera comes with a 12 month warranty, which is brought to you by leaders of electronic equipment and wholesale auto accessories.


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